Looking in?

Diem Jones
3 min readJan 3, 2021

Looking in a looking glass…Looking through a looking glass…looking without a looking glass and finding the mirror is your new best friend.

Sometimes it seems that people are not open for what another is hoping for. So the hoper, better now known as the HopeE, gets very, very frustrated because there’s no reception. But Hope-Ees have to remember that it is their desire or ego placement that often drive what it is we choose to share, and when to share it. The return? How can you push something out, expect a return and then get disappointed? Put it out there if you feel it’s right. Let it flow, and then you’ll know.

…get down on the good foot and up on the new-found wing.

I think we need to mind what we do and be careful who we share what we do with, because not all of our do is is everybody…Some things aren’t receivable, because people have a do limit…if they’re not even managing their own do, how do you think they can handle your do? That’s just too much to do-do for one person to handle. And you know what happens when you overload with do-do? You shut down. That’s when the pipes break, that’s when you call Roto-Rooter, but that’s expensive. That is not the path to wellness. So mind your do, because there’s someone out there who woke up knowing your do is not for them.

…get down on the good foot and up on the new-found wing.

… here some of us are in the dawn of the 22nd century trying to manage our primal instincts.

Done yet, or still brewing your do?

¿r.u. with US?

¿r.u. with THEM?

¿r.u. with U?

The looking glass knows what the shadow does not…Look first at your reflection before you gaze at your projections.

O.N.E. [One Never Escapes]

Words: ©2021 Diem Jones aka Drs. Fladimir MS Woo & HM Joy



Diem Jones

Diem Jones is a poet, musician, multi-media artist, and arts administrator. He is also co-founder and past of E.D. VONA/Voices (VONA) and Murray Gove.