If, When & Why

Diem Jones
Dec 21, 2021
ooo Papa Do, How do Y’all Doo¿

If I know I…

If I know We…

If I know Thee

…then I should know US.

When I know I…

When I know We…

When I know Thee

…then When I should know US, is answered.

Why should I know I…

Why I know We…

Why I know Thee

…Why then should I know US?

Since the beginning of recorded time, the strongest, most durable, longest-lasting building material is Love…When you find Love at the center, you can build for KEEPS!


Words: ©2021 Diem Jones aka Drs. Fladimir MS Woo & HM Joy

Image: Diem Jones



Diem Jones

Diem Jones is a poet, musician, multi-media artist, and arts administrator. He is also co-founder and past of E.D. VONA/Voices (VONA) and Murray Gove.