Calm and then some…

It’s the in-between that slips through the moment and when it’s cold out…it can be warm inside. Every tour around the sun I am blessed with touching the other side. While I don’t know what’s out there, I know what’s in my heart that keeps me whole and the blessings keep me humble.

On days the world feels the most troublesome, I find peace when I claim my space and sit still.

…for me, this week, this day and tomorrow are not ones to fear, as the best is yet to come and around the corner! I know there are bumps and humps in the road, but:

Without humps there will be no getting over, under and around the challenges…so come on humps, I am ready to rock and roll!

r.u. with me?



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Diem Jones

Diem Jones

Diem Jones is a poet, musician, multi-media artist, and arts administrator. He is also co-founder and past of E.D. VONA/Voices (VONA) and Murray Gove.