Diem Jones

ooo Papa Do, How do Y’all Doo¿

If I know I…

If I know We…

If I know Thee

…then I should know US.

When I know I…

When I know We…

When I know Thee

…then When I should know US, is answered.

Why should I know I…

Why I know We…

Why I know Thee



Dec 18, 2020

Installation and Photography: Brittany Wright

Should we stop learning once we learn to tie our shoes?

Should we stop wanting once we have covered the basics of our needs?

Should we scream when we hurt and cry when we are happy?

Should we

Could we





Happiness is on the other side…



Diem Jones

Diem Jones

Diem Jones is a poet, musician, multi-media artist, and arts administrator. He is also co-founder and past of E.D. VONA/Voices (VONA) and Murray Gove.